Day No. 4: Pyrenees Off-Road

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Bridges were scattered all over the Pyrenees, running over small streams and massive rivers, but I wasn’t complaining – the views from the top were stunning, what more could you ask for?


And this is where Bonnie suffered her first fall. Not her fault of course, but my negligence as I was so distracted by the foggy view of the mountains that I failed to notice the trench on the roadside – turns out she is pretty heavy.


The day after my adventure down a hill (see the La Rochelle post) I headed over the Pyrennes. As I continued riding up from the lovely summer weather, I soon found myself engulfed by the clouds but eventually made it to one of the highest points on my trip through the mountains. I have to say it was an incredible experience being so high up, but what followed made up for it big time! While I was descending, it had slowly began to rain and the fall increased more and more until I ended in a full blown thunderstorm, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


After spending 2-3 hours riding in the storm to arrive in Pamplona late at night, I was absolutely soaked, with boots and bags full of water and my hands and feet so shrivelled that I looked like an inferius from Harry Potter.


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