Day No. 33: Leaving Italy

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On my way back I got the ferry from Palermo back to Genoa, like the Sicilian had advised me, and headed back to the same hostel in Milan to have one more chilled day in one of the best hostels I’d stayed in before heading towards the North.


From this point on the pace certainly increased, Going from Milan to Zurich where I wept a tear for my wallet at how expensive everything was, then to Brussels home of the french fries and Burger sauce. The final day was one of the longest, going from Brussels to Manchester and a couple of hours waiting for the ferry, at least I didn’t have the Portuguese heat following me, but even better, I had the typical British weather on my tail, which was a nice welcome home.

The final leg of the adventure, from Manchester to Newcastle, just in time to surprise everyone, who I may have informed I was still in Belgium.. Whoops!

I think it was then when it finally dawned on me that the adventure was over, that my slightly sun-bleached beard and tanned skin would slowly fade and that I had to get back to reality. So instead, I just started planning my next trip, but this time I’d have to venture out a little further than Europe…how about the rest of the world?

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